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Helene Hadsell Speaks on The Law of Attraction (audio)

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Today I had the pleasure of listening to Vishen Lakhiani, co creator of Mind Valley, interview Helen Hadsell, author of “Contesting”, as she speaks on the law of attraction and how she used her formula called “SPEC” which stands for ~select~expect~project~collect~ to attract and win everything she has ever wanted.

Helen has used her formula for many years-she is 84 now- to win every contest she has ever wanted to win. Helen has won trips, dishes, televisions, cookware, cars, cruises, shopping sprees, and even a custom home using her system which she created. Helen’s story is a very interesting one; starting at age 5 when she insisted on waiting for the angel to come to meet her granddad as he left this life and went to the other side. She watched his spirit depart his body and saw those who came to take him across the veil and then he was gone. Helen’s life story is filled with just such incidences as this and many more that made my breath catch.

According to Helen there are three things you need to be successful :a wishbone,a backbone, and a funbone! Helen’s story is awesome and highly inspiring so I will leave it to you to hear the audio because she is quite the teacher in her humble and loving demeanor. The grandmother must be the Grand Lady of the law of attraction. One of her missions in life was to help Jose Silva and she did in, fact, work with Jose Silva to make him a household name under angelic guidance and direction.

Helen Hadsell considers herself a normal housewife and grandmother who was motivated and guided by spirits, angels, and authors like Norman Vincent Peale. Her faith has eliminated all doubt and fear of any kind from her manifesting and made her the very successful author of her book “Contesting” written in 1971 which still helps people win contests every day. Helen has won thousands of contests over the years and she still wins and teaches others how to win anything they desire with her simple formula.

Just in from Vishen’s Finer Minds Newsletter…a link to get Helene’s CD program and book or download. It is up to you and I wish you the best of luck winning everything your heart desires. The Winning Sage

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When I Want To Feel Downstream…Let Go and Let God

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When I want to feel downstream there are several things I do if I am not already there. What is “downstream”? Downstream is when you are flowing with the energy and feel no resistance or discomfort with your own alignment in what is happening or how you are feeling in the present moment. Downstream is natural. It flows. You don’t have to “make” things flow they just do when you feel downsteam, at ease, and peaceful.

I sometimes get that feeling of wanting to control outcomes, make things happen in my time, rush outcomes and condense buffers. Sometimes I want it so badly I can taste it and then I start willing things to happen and acting as though I had the power to raise the sun all by myself. I get anxious. I get tense and tight. It does no good and I feel all upstream and stressed to the max. My breathing is shallow and I can’t meditate or even relax. Has that ever happened to you? That is the upstream feeling that signals you are out of alignment and pushing your escrow farther and farther away. There is something you can do before you hit the hot tub and grab a glass of wine – breathe.

See, God has a time. Life and it’s process has a time for everything. Don’t we all know there is a time and season for everything? So stop. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Relax…Relax…Relax…Breathe deeply and relax completely. Listen to the air go in and out of your body. Focus on the breath. Release the pressure and relax your body parts one by one as you let go and let God. Start at your feet and work your way up. Breathing and relaxing as you talk yourself through the process. Feel your heart release it’s constriction, it’s tension. Just give it aaaalll up…there now. There is that lovely downstream feeling you were desiring. The pressure is gone and the Divine is in control of everything. It really is all perfect already. Did you forget that for a moment? I do. Yes, I do. It really is okay too. Just so you remember as soon as you can. Your feelings will tell you when you are not downsteam and it is extremely uncomfortable when you are stuck upstream too long. You can’t miss it. Your body never lies. What else might you do? Well, let’s see…

When I feel like that I look for things that help me relax. I look for videos and audios and writing and poetry, just lots of lovely peace inspiring love letters from the universe, as I call them. Abraham-Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch are definitely two of my favorites. Fortunately they are both prolific and there is a huge variety of books and cd’s available on their teachings of spiritually aligned living and prosperity. If your cashflow is trickling instead of flowing right now, there is always YouTube.

Here is a video that I found one day recently when feeling upstream and in strong desire of some peace of mind. You know that feeling? Of course you do. Here is Love and Truth from Neale Donald Walsch’s audios on Communion With God. Along with Neale, his guest voice-overs here are Ed Asner and Ellen Burstyn, two voices we know and love.

The other thing I recommend is that you allow yourself to take the time to go for a walk and really focus outside your thoughts to nature. Nature is the great healer and pay attention to the song of birds, the sound of the wind, the smell of the earth, the sound of the surf, and the scent of plant life. Immerse yourself in your walk and don’t think. Don’t think. Don’t think. Don’t think. Breathe deeply, and relax, completely. Now doesn’t that feel downstream?

Thank you for showing up.
I Love and Bless you,
Peace. Aum. Amen.

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Love Is Having A Conversation With God

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Love is having a conversation with God. That is what love is doing. That is what love does.

What did you think you were doing when your heart was bursting with love for the baby in your arms or the child crying as he is having a time out? What did you call that when you looked at your pet staring into your eyes while waiting for you to take time to give a pet or play and your eyes filled with tears when you saw the patience and love? Remember the time you waited outside the post op for five hours? Yes, a conversation with God! The subject is love.

When you looked into the smiling face of the person you love and saw desire and love and acceptance…what did you call that but love? When you spent two hours getting ready for a dinner date and you felt like you were flying what did you call that? When you mailed a letter to the one who is miles and miles away and your heart was in the envelope you were having a conversation with God. The subject is always the same-
Lovelovelovelovelovelove lovelovelove love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!

God! We are talking to you and you are talking to us and the topic of the conversation is LOVE. In fact, the conversation itself is love and the LOVE is having a conversation with GOD. It is so easy people. We talk about it all the time and we do it all the time and it runs us and every thought we have if truth be known. The desire to know we are loved~that is the ongoing conversation.

When I breathe my final breath I hope I will be thinking of all the people I loved. I hope I will be laughing at all the risks I took and all the rules I broke and all the times I followed my silly senseless heart in pursuit of love. I hope I laugh so hard that I cry! I hope they will say her heart was so full that she died of an overdose of LOVE!

I want to be illogical with love and crazy with love and deeply in conversation with every loving moment I can muster for as long as I have the life in me to know that there is only one conversation and that is with ME AND YOU AND GOD and the subject is most definitely L O V E!

No matter how long it takes, all roads lead to love! Wouldn’t you want to have a surplus of just one thing when it is time to review your life and wouldn’t that one thing that no one can take away but you can give and give be LOVE?

Write a song, write a poem, write a movie, write a book and see… see if it is possible to make it be about anything else but love. Love is the heart of any conversation even somewhere way down deep. Don't dance around it! Get on top of it and wave a flag with LOVE in red, white and blue. Carve it into trees and tattoo it on your body! Love LOVE L O V E! Climb a mountain and shout it to the world! I AM LOVE and LOVE is having a conversation here. It is all about LOVE. Stop holding back and start loving and watch the world change before your very eyes. Test a hard case and see. Love is the topic of dreams and desires. Become a hardcore love advocate.

When you are feeling love in your body and in your heart you are feeling GOD and you are most definitely having a vibrational love conversation with GOD as your blood pounds and your breathing races and you feel the excitement of LOVE! Did you think that was an accident? Something God created just for the town gossip to comment on? It is all about LOVE! It is the glory, the joy, the energy that makes life burst through your veins on the way back to your heart carrying light and life through every cell of your being exploding in the energy of ALL THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE!

Be ridiculously brave and insanely expressive and fill the room – fill the universe with your expansion – light up the air waves with the love that you are. There will never be a better time than NOW to LOVE. Love yourself. love your mate, love your children, your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your enemies – especially your enemies!

Be the love that you want to see in the world and the word ‘enemies’ will disappear! WHAT ENEMIES? They are just taking the long road home to more love!

I love myself the way I am. There is nothing I need to do or say. Create and re-create yourself in the Oneness that we are in our conversation with God about the only thing the Divine Source lives and breathes into our hearts and minds and that is LOVE ~ LOVE ~~~ LOVE

Now we are talking!
I love.
I love myself.
I love you.
Thank you for the inspiration Neale Donald Walsch and God, whose CWG books I love!

Another Conversation with God

Another Conversation with God

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When Is Love Authentic?

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When is love authentic? Well, isn’t all love authentic? It is debatable, isn’t it? What is love? Maybe we need to start there.

Let’s start with what love is not.

Love is not rejecting.
Love is not mean.
Love is not needy.
Love is not pity.
Love is not clinging.
Love is not jealous.
Love is not possessive.
Love is not critical.
Love is not judgmental.
Love is not distrustful.
Love is not hurtful.
Love is not anger.
Love is not pain.
Love is not guilt.
Love is not incomplete.

And yet every person who has ever been “in love” has felt one or all of those emotions and reactions toward a loved one. Those emotions and reactions are not love. They also interfere with and disrupt the natural flow of love. The worst is when those feelings are turned on ourselves. When we do not love ourselves we are the meanest of all. We lash out at everyone and we are never satisfied with anything.

The worst of it is that when we do not love ourselves we cannot possibly authentically love anyone else. We simply cannot give what we do not possess. According to the law of attraction we will see who we are by the mirror image of who we attract into our lives. It cannot be any other way. If the people you want to resonate with are not showing up in your life you have to look at what you are generating energetically. If the people you do resonate with do not feel good to you then there is a need to evaluate what kind of energy you are communicating. Could it be that you do not appear to others to love your very own self?

One of the first things to do is to examine your own authenticity.

By that I do not mean that you have to try to be nicer or give more to others. Although that may be true somewhere in your life. What I do mean is this, how do you feel to yourself? Do you know who you are? How is your integrity? What are your values? Do you know what you like? Do you live in the truth of what you like and who you are? What do you like to do? Are you doing that on a regular basis or even daily? Or do you possibly not do it at all anymore? Why not? Do you at least have plans that target the changes you desire in order to acknowledge and create the life you do desire and dream about? Can you see yourself living a happy life as YOU?

An Old Paradigm

Have you sold your happiness up the river for something that made you feel safe once and now just makes you feel closed off or trapped and hopeless? Are you living a life that others have chosen for you or that is a sacrifice for others happiness and not your own? If that is true I hope you will go through whatever it takes to change that as soon as possible. No matter what, that lifestyle will rob your life of joy, longevity, health, satisfaction and creativity. How can you be authentic when you hate your life and you have all those losses?

Another way to know if you are living authentically is to ask yourself if you admire others more than yourself and wish you were more like them. I used to do that. I thought I should be more like this person or that person. That was because I didn’t know that I was already uniquely myself and that if I would simply be who I was inclined to be and trust that then it would all be fine and people would love me because they would finally see me and not my version of someone else who I thought was better. I had to see that I had my own purpose and my own divinity. I had to feel that I was worth more as myself than I could ever be worth as a copy of someone else!

I had to see that the only failure in my life was my failure to be me!

The more you love yourself the more you will love others without wanting to be them or to be more like them. I love Mother Teresa but I am not her and I never will be. I didn’t come here to be Mother Teresa. And Mother Teresa did not enter this life to be me. It is fine to admire skills and attributes and model them to learn from them. It is a very good way to learn but that doesn’t mean you want to become that person. It is important to know the difference.

So when is love authentic?

Love is authentic when it comes from people who love themselves and accept themselves as they are even if they never changed a thing. Love your appearance. Love your character. Love your abilities. Love your life and everything in it. Resistance to WHAT IS causes you pain and prevents you from loving yourself and thus others authentically. When you love yourself the way you are you will naturally change the things that do not align with the best version of you that you came here to be. It won’t be you being someone else. It will be you being you and you loving you. Then the love you express is authentic and it does not require that others change for you to love them either.

In your authenticity you will naturally gravitate to those who mirror you and we all do that every day. We are all at varying levels of learning to just love ourselves and turning off the voice that says “why can’t you be more like so and so?”, or some version of that.

It seems to me that one of the reasons there is so much change going on right now in the world is because people are changing so rapidly as our awareness of love and acceptance of ourselves and others awakens to a new level of authenticity never seen before on this planet. We are manifesting ourselves like never before! Hallelujah and amen to that!

I love myself.
I love you.
Thank you for showing up!

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I Am The Flower

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I AM. I Am The Flower.

Picture the flower standing there amid the leaves shining in the sunlight with the morning dew on her petals and leaves. The wind blows her but doesn’t topple her. She is fragile yet strong. Picture the rain washing over her and giving her sustenance to unfold her beautiful petals. Imagine her scent and the beauty of her colors. She is magnificently arrayed in the beauty of nature.

If you are female say aloud “I Am the flower”. Again,”I Am the flower.” Feel how that feels. Imagine it. See a flower you love to look at and inhale and imagine that is you and you are it. Feel your natural beauty and sweetness. Admire your unique and beautiful colors. Feel your delicate magic and attraction. Stand in your slender determination supported by the strength of the earth. Feel the warmth of the sun as you lift your lovely face to receive the light.

Here come the bees! The bee is buzzing around the flower. The bee is ecstatic. The bee cannot get enough of the flower. The bee selects a flower and goes back again and again. Gathering sweet nectar from the flower the bee will always find his way to her loveliness.

What is the flower doing? Just being a flower. Just being beautiful and fragrant and shining like the sun in radiant colorful scented glory that a flower is. Is the flower afraid no bees will come? Does the flower question her beauty? Does she question what she is? Ahhh, but she is certain of her loveliness and emanates her energy out into the world filling the earth, sky, and wind with all that she is.

Did you ever see a flower chase a bee? Of course not! Flowers don’t chase bees! A flower attracts bees and that is the essence of the nature of life.

I Am The Flower

I Am The Flower

I Am the flower. We are the garden. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz
I love you.

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Physical Is Memorable Law of Attraction

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What does ‘physical is memorable’ have to do with the law of attraction?

It’s like this; I had a fantastic teacher during the early nineties. His name was Master Tim Piering and he was, and still is, a black belt martial artist who got into personal development and did seminars for only a few years. I will never forget him. I loved the way he taught. He was very physical about everything, of course, being a martial artist.

Over and over he told us physical is memorable.

“Visualize, feel, and process the details of your dreams and desires as you walk, as you run, as you workout! Fill in the details. Build on the scenarios of your success and happiness everyday while you run or pump iron or practice your movements.”

As we got buckled into our rappelling equipment on one particular gorgeous Santa Barbara afternoon up by the White Lotus Center in the CA mountains, he asked the group, “what are you thinking about?”

HA! I still laugh at the memory! “FEAR”, we half laughed in unison.

He said,”NO FEAR! Excitement! Your dreams, your success, your future. That is what you are thinking about and your body will never forget it! Think about everything you want in your life and fill it with the excitement of this energy!” Down the mountain I went thinking, “Hello life, here I come!”

In one of Master Piering’s recordings he was hiking with us and talking about how the body takes on muscle memory and he spoke of not wasting your exercise time with uncontrolled thoughts. “Visualize while you move and workout always. Make it as personal and graphic as possible, right down to the minutest details that you can think of and it will become part of your cellular memory at the deepest levels. Do this over and over every day. Build memories in those muscles.”

“Remember”, he said, “to get clarity about what is is that you desire and then breath life into it as you are washing your car or vacuuming your home.” Don’t waste time on the ‘radio voice chatter’ playing the same old songs repeatedly that give new life your failures.” Master Piering was big on enlightening us about the radio voice and it’s potential damage to our dreams and desires.

For a long time he became my radio voice. I could hear his heavy breathing as he hiked and recorded our cassettes filled with encouragement and instructions on filling every cell in the body and every muscle with the details we wished to bring to life in each of our individual realities. He would hike early and describe the morning to us as he instructed us on how to live a more fulfilling life. I loved those sessions.

In the early nineties I never even heard the term ‘law of attraction’ except in a few books from the long gone teachers but it was just another phrase then. It didn’t have meaning then. I can see that even then that was what it was all about. Our teacher was demonstrating how to manifest our dreams. He was teaching us to go deep into the body and own our desires at the deepest possible level. “You’ve got to know what you want and then you have to show up in your life at 100% everyday.” His words changed me and the way I looked at my life from then on.

Wherever you are now Master Piering, I still remember those lessons. I remember the first time I broke an arrow with my throat, standing in the middle of the group, while visualizing and feeling my success after you stood in front of me and looked into my eyes and said,

“okay now, what are you thinking about right this moment?”

Thank you.
I love you.
I love me.

'Physical is Memorable' and nature makes it even better.

'Physical is Memorable' and nature makes it even better.

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Love Fears Nothing (video)

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Love fears nothing. Really? Then why do I feel that anxious feeling in my solar plexus when I think of losing someone I love? Why does my heart palpitate when I think of never seeing someone I care about again? Why do I find myself worrying about this child or that family member? Why do I get upset when people I care about do things that I think are bad for them or will hurt them? Is that fear? Don’t I do it because I love them?

I Love You When…..

Why do I get upset when my sister or friend or man wants me to be other than I am? Isn’t it because I fear they will no longer love me and yet in being true to myself I can’t be who they want me to be? Do you owe it to yourself to be true to yourself or do you owe it to others to be who they think you should be in order to have them love you? So then are they loving you or are they loving the confirmation that they are right about everything they think because you trade the truth of who you are for their love and approval? Pretty controlling, isn’t it? I am not controlling, am I? Am I?

How can we reconcile the truth of the statement “Love Fears Nothing” with the upstream feelings that perceived loss creates in and around us? How can we find our way to the truth of knowing when we are feeling love and when we are feeling fear? How do we get it permanently so that it becomes a part of us that love and fear are NOT the same thing? When we are afraid, we are not feeling love. We are feeling fear. They are not one and the same. Worry and love are not one and the same. Control and love are not one and the same. Manipulation and love are not one and the same.

Jumping Through Hoops For Who….

How many parts of yourself are you juggling to protect yourself and your relationships from the fear of loss? Can you please yourself and please your girlfriend or boyfriend, your sisters and brothers, your co workers, your spouse, your boss, your minister, your best friend, your children, your parents? If you were not afraid of losing their stamp of approval and all the benefits that go with that approval; if you could just be who you are without being afraid of being abandoned; who might you be then? How would that feel? How would that feel?

Listen to Esther on this Abraham-Hicks series of two videos.
Part 1

Part 2

I hope this helps you to reconcile your right to simply be who you are without losing love and to be yourself without fear of loss. Feel that fear and know that it cannot hurt you. A great man once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” More and more I am owning the truth of that statement as I break new ground within myself of facing my inner fears and disarming them with acceptance of both my strength and my vulnerability. We all want to be loved but only because we don’t realize that we already are totally and completely loved in every possible way and it isn’t possible for anyone to take that away. The threats of loss of love are empty, they are harmless. Love can never be taken away. Fear is not love and love fears nothing.

A lovely sister and friend, Angela Bear, whose work I really admire for it’s truth that resonates with me has a name she uses online “Loved by Creator”. That says it all. Another dear friend,Steve Pohlit, has a fan page on Facebook called Manifest Mastermind and his tag is “Love Fears Nothing”. Another deeply passionate friend, Georgina Beament, has a site “A world of Love and Light“, that fills me with the most incredible feelings of love and opens my heart. These statements got me thinking about the power of the words. I don’t know about you but I really like that downstream feeling!

Thank you for showing up.
I love you.

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How Does The Law of Attraction Work? I Love Myself…(video)

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How does the law of attraction work? I love myself the way I AM. There is no doubt about it. Fulfillment starts with self love. You are never alone unless you have abandoned yourself and how can you do that? You cannot but you can think you have and it will feel as though you have. It is impossible to be abandoned because the light of God I AM that is what gives us life – and we are the very breath of our Creator – never ever abandons us. We are the magnificent creations of the most high Creator. Abraham-Hicks speaks to that in this wonderful video entitled Angels. Enjoy my loved ones. I love you.

Thank you for showing up now here in this present moment filled with the love that you are.
Also, please note the beautiful painting of Archangel Metatron at the start of this video. This is a painting by magnificent fine artist Marius Michael-George who I love and admire. Metatron is my patron angel and I love this masterpiece by Marius who paints and resides in Mt. Shasta, CA and Paradise Valley, MT.

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