Love Is Having A Conversation With God

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Love is having a conversation with God. That is what love is doing. That is what love does.

What did you think you were doing when your heart was bursting with love for the baby in your arms or the child crying as he is having a time out? What did you call that when you looked at your pet staring into your eyes while waiting for you to take time to give a pet or play and your eyes filled with tears when you saw the patience and love? Remember the time you waited outside the post op for five hours? Yes, a conversation with God! The subject is love.

When you looked into the smiling face of the person you love and saw desire and love and acceptance…what did you call that but love? When you spent two hours getting ready for a dinner date and you felt like you were flying what did you call that? When you mailed a letter to the one who is miles and miles away and your heart was in the envelope you were having a conversation with God. The subject is always the same-
Lovelovelovelovelovelove lovelovelove love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!

God! We are talking to you and you are talking to us and the topic of the conversation is LOVE. In fact, the conversation itself is love and the LOVE is having a conversation with GOD. It is so easy people. We talk about it all the time and we do it all the time and it runs us and every thought we have if truth be known. The desire to know we are loved~that is the ongoing conversation.

When I breathe my final breath I hope I will be thinking of all the people I loved. I hope I will be laughing at all the risks I took and all the rules I broke and all the times I followed my silly senseless heart in pursuit of love. I hope I laugh so hard that I cry! I hope they will say her heart was so full that she died of an overdose of LOVE!

I want to be illogical with love and crazy with love and deeply in conversation with every loving moment I can muster for as long as I have the life in me to know that there is only one conversation and that is with ME AND YOU AND GOD and the subject is most definitely L O V E!

No matter how long it takes, all roads lead to love! Wouldn’t you want to have a surplus of just one thing when it is time to review your life and wouldn’t that one thing that no one can take away but you can give and give be LOVE?

Write a song, write a poem, write a movie, write a book and see… see if it is possible to make it be about anything else but love. Love is the heart of any conversation even somewhere way down deep. Don't dance around it! Get on top of it and wave a flag with LOVE in red, white and blue. Carve it into trees and tattoo it on your body! Love LOVE L O V E! Climb a mountain and shout it to the world! I AM LOVE and LOVE is having a conversation here. It is all about LOVE. Stop holding back and start loving and watch the world change before your very eyes. Test a hard case and see. Love is the topic of dreams and desires. Become a hardcore love advocate.

When you are feeling love in your body and in your heart you are feeling GOD and you are most definitely having a vibrational love conversation with GOD as your blood pounds and your breathing races and you feel the excitement of LOVE! Did you think that was an accident? Something God created just for the town gossip to comment on? It is all about LOVE! It is the glory, the joy, the energy that makes life burst through your veins on the way back to your heart carrying light and life through every cell of your being exploding in the energy of ALL THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE!

Be ridiculously brave and insanely expressive and fill the room – fill the universe with your expansion – light up the air waves with the love that you are. There will never be a better time than NOW to LOVE. Love yourself. love your mate, love your children, your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your enemies – especially your enemies!

Be the love that you want to see in the world and the word ‘enemies’ will disappear! WHAT ENEMIES? They are just taking the long road home to more love!

I love myself the way I am. There is nothing I need to do or say. Create and re-create yourself in the Oneness that we are in our conversation with God about the only thing the Divine Source lives and breathes into our hearts and minds and that is LOVE ~ LOVE ~~~ LOVE

Now we are talking!
I love.
I love myself.
I love you.
Thank you for the inspiration Neale Donald Walsch and God, whose CWG books I love!

Another Conversation with God

Another Conversation with God

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