Helene Hadsell Speaks on The Law of Attraction (audio)

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Today I had the pleasure of listening to Vishen Lakhiani, co creator of Mind Valley, interview Helen Hadsell, author of “Contesting”, as she speaks on the law of attraction and how she used her formula called “SPEC” which stands for ~select~expect~project~collect~ to attract and win everything she has ever wanted.

Helen has used her formula for many years-she is 84 now- to win every contest she has ever wanted to win. Helen has won trips, dishes, televisions, cookware, cars, cruises, shopping sprees, and even a custom home using her system which she created. Helen’s story is a very interesting one; starting at age 5 when she insisted on waiting for the angel to come to meet her granddad as he left this life and went to the other side. She watched his spirit depart his body and saw those who came to take him across the veil and then he was gone. Helen’s life story is filled with just such incidences as this and many more that made my breath catch.

According to Helen there are three things you need to be successful :a wishbone,a backbone, and a funbone! Helen’s story is awesome and highly inspiring so I will leave it to you to hear the audio because she is quite the teacher in her humble and loving demeanor. The grandmother must be the Grand Lady of the law of attraction. One of her missions in life was to help Jose Silva and she did in, fact, work with Jose Silva to make him a household name under angelic guidance and direction.


Helen Hadsell considers herself a normal housewife and grandmother who was motivated and guided by spirits, angels, and authors like Norman Vincent Peale. Her faith has eliminated all doubt and fear of any kind from her manifesting and made her the very successful author of her book “Contesting” written in 1971 which still helps people win contests every day. Helen has won thousands of contests over the years and she still wins and teaches others how to win anything they desire with her simple formula.

Just in from Vishen’s Finer Minds Newsletter…a link to get Helene’s CD program and book or download. It is up to you and I wish you the best of luck winning everything your heart desires. The Winning Sage

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Thanks Alexandra-That was a great interview. I am trying to contact her for a blueprint.

The MP3 is listed as Part 1 – will there be a part 2?

¡¡Great!! and ¡¡Unbealiveable

Great post! Thanks!

this is amazing to behold.hope to practicalize it.

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