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Creating A Healthy Relationship (video)

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How do we go about creating a healthy relationship? That is a question that comes up a lot.

First, I am going to preface this post with a few statements:
Everything here is my opinion and based on my personal experience of 50 years. You may have had a different experience. One way or another I hope this will cause you to think or that you will take the time to comment. I assure you that I will publish all valid comments (not spam). Thank you

Mars or Venus…

Men are men and women are women. We don’t think alike and we aren’t supposed to. Men are mostly mental logical about relationships and women are mostly emotional about everything to do with love. Both genders obviously feel but how they deal with how they feel is completely different-for the most part.

Having said that, I think there are certain guidelines that work for both sides when it comes to choosing a new mate AFTER you have your own house in order. I mean you know yourself and know that you are focused on aligning thoughts, language, feelings, and actions to express your truth as best you can right now. That is what we are all doing is the best we can right now. Then wait for the perfect-for-you partner to be attracted to you.

I say that because I do believe what I said in an earlier post; that often times Cupid has his way with us and a preselected or karmic partner that we chose already, shows up at exactly the right time. Free will being what it is, we may decide not to choose that partner but they will be there as agreed.

So here are a few guidelines to help you keep your head on straight.

1. Start a new relationship when you are centered balanced and healed. If you are fresh out of a relationship you may be carrying energy that is not really who you are but rather who the other relationship was. A relationship is an entity in its own right and it takes time to clear residual energies and move back into your own center. You may think you are ready before you are. Give yourself at least a few months after a *marriage to even think of getting serious again. Just be nice to yourself and find out who YOU are.

2.Create a list of traits and characteristics that are important to you. There are qualities that really matter to you and others that don’t mean as much. Break your list down into sections after you have written everything you can think of that you prefer and desire.

3. Break your list down to what is A. Mandatory, B. Negotiable, C. Icing on the cake. Knowing what is mandatory is crucial. If you settle for less you may regret it unless you really love everything else about this person.

4. Choose someone who is perfect for you. No one is perfect for everyone.

5. This one is really super important and probably supersedes all the other ones. Show up as who you are-not as the other person wants you to be. Don’t sell yourself out by not being who you are. No one wants to be disappointed because you are not who they thought you are or vice versa.
Faith is waiting for the one that you can be yourself with at all times. You will definitely know after several dates if you are comfortable showing up as yourself or if this person really wants someone who isn’t you. Cinderella isn’t here trying to force a shoe on that doesn’t fit and don’t you either.

6. You never really know someone until you have met them and spent time with them. Internet relationships are amazing and many are matches made for eternity. I have a few friends who met their significant others online and they are extremely happy they followed up. It happens all the time but don’t commit to anything until you have spent time getting to know this person face to face. Believe me, I am not discounting the magic of internet matchmaking. It is like meeting someone at the virtual office or cocktail party. You just have to be in their energy in the flesh. Meet their family and friends. See who they surround themselves with. Experience their moods and of course, make love. Last but not least you have to be sure they are who they say they are and that they don’t live in a hut in the desert or have an undisclosed mate living with them. I have heard of that too! There is nothing like being there in the flesh.

7. If someone seems moody, critical and selfish online then you can be sure they will be that and more in person. Some people are never happy. Some people are addicted to drama and unhappiness. You can never change someone. You can only change yourself. Don’t put yourself in the position of fixing someone. Helpful assistance is one thing, fixing is another. Know the difference.

8. Be the partner you want to attract. Be authentic and be confident. Be love. Be peace. Be joy. Be kind. Be receptive. Like in a good professional sales relationship it is best to under promise and over deliver. ( Like I said, my opinions!)

9. If it doesn’t feel downstream all the way, in spite of your questions, confusion, frustration or hurt feelings; Don’t Go There!
This one is one of the hardest to adhere to if you are the type who thinks they can fix anything. Even great sexual energy is not enough if something isn’t quite right. Timing could be off or there may be someone else that is a better fit. Trust your gut! Head your boat downstream…

By now you know that I love great videos so enjoy Dear Ones!

Thank you ~
I love you ~

*marriage or long term committed relationship

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When It Comes To Love…Be and Write (video)

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Two things about love and relationships and the law of attraction that come to my mind are the words “be” and “write”.

The scenario is that you are now presently either in a relationship or not. Either way you have an opportunity. You have the present moment to decide who you are and who you are attracted to. Those two things of course, have to line up. Usually we do like people who are like us. The question is, do you like who you are being? If so great. You will attract someone just like yourself. You may not see that but it is true. Nothing else is possible. In all the ways that count, the person in your life is your mirror reflection.

What does that imply? It implies that if you don’t like the person you are then you need to make some changes before you deliberately turn on the attracting action. If you are already in a relationship you need to see what it is you don’t like about your partner and ask what is it in me/you that attracted that trait.

The next step is sitting down with yourself and writing about yourself and who you are, then who you would like to be, and what you will do to change the things you’d rather be seeing in yourself. You don’t even have to do a list of what you desire in another. Just describe yourself and your changes and soon enough the perfect other for you will arrive. With God’s grace they will even balance you out and bring out traits in you that have been dormant. Of course you already are everything you have ever wanted to be. It is just a matter of putting your attention on it to activate those characteristics and the matching partner helps us to do that.

Now here is the rub, as you change, your partner will either make a decision to change also or they will not. As you change, your vibration changes and then you and your partner may no longer be a vibrational match. That is the natural way of the law of attraction.This isn’t something you can control. It just is what it is.

There must have been a period of time when you and your partner were a perfect vibrational match or you would not have been together for long. There may have been a purpose that has been fulfilled and now you are finding each other less and less “attractive”.

The best way to ensure that you will meet your perfect match with little or no effort on your part is to BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET. The next person who becomes your love mate will surely reflect back to you exactly where you are at right now in time. Take a good look at yourself and be kind and loving. You are looking at your God I AM vibrational match. This is truly miraculous in and of itself!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on all of this. I know there is a lot of wisdom among my readers and friends.
Now manifest your perfect partner and have lots and lots of fun with my blessing!

Thank You.
I love you.

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Love Is Timeless and Limitless Manifestation

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Since I moved to Sarasota only just over a week ago, it might seem strange that I would have the opportunity to attend a scattering of ashes for a new friend’s husband but that is what I did on my second Saturday in Sarasota. It was poignant. It was powerful. At the end of the afternoon sail I felt that I had known the man, whose ashes we scattered, for a long time. And maybe I have. As we threw the roses and other flowers into the wake I felt as though someone had just then truly left and said goodbye through waves of heartfelt love and compassion to all aboard. I felt this man as if I had known him deeply and well.

Maybe it was the beautiful stories of his sailing days, his escapades, charming escapes and near misses. He was a character. He was living deliberately and consciously most of his life. He left the physical world at a young age of 60 and I wondered where he was off to and what was calling him to a new purpose and life somewhere else. His bride of only a relatively few years smiled through tears and blew him kisses in the wind. My heart was deeply touched by the laughter and funny stories of this well loved man. Now that is a legacy, I thought to myself as the food came out on board and the beers and wine were passed around.

Back to the legacy part. This man, Peter Seyffert, was the founding creator and member of Aquarian Quest.

Peter Seyffert with Founding Partners Joe Jacobson and Robert Killian

Peter Seyffert with Founding Partners Joe Jacobson and Robert Killian

If you are not familiar with Aquarian Quest, they do educational sails and raise money to teach the kids of Southwest Florida to experience life-changing educational sails on board their ships. Peter Seyffert believed that all children should experience sailing and the sea for themselves. He had a dream and a vision. He made it happen. His ability to focus and vision resulted in the manifestation of a dearly held dream. He was a sailor and boat builder who loved the sea and ships and wanted to pass that on for generations to come. AQ offers marine ecology education for people of all ages (and life jackets are handy so don’t worry). Seriously though – Thank the Divine for Peter’s dream. His sailing partners and team now sail daily and weekly in celebration of his dream and manifestation. Thousands of new sailors will be created to carry on the sailing tradition he loved.

Peter Seyffert and the Aquarian Quest Team with KIds

Aquarian Quest Team with KIds

Along with the “education for kids” part, Aquarian Quest does sponsored social and educational sails for adults for all kinds of events and parties; corporate and private. Weddings, birthdays, promotions, etc. are all great reasons to book a sailboat and head out to sea via beautiful Sarasota Bay. Naturally this non profit organization accepts and appreciates donations and puts them to good use. You can become a member too. If you really want to contact them do it now while you are thinking of it and keep the flame of Peter Seyffert’s dream burning brightly in the waters of Southwest Florida.

Peter had a deep love for the sea and for the earth. Along with wife Julia, he built Koi Ponds and Floating Islands all over the Sarasota area for people who just wanted a beautiful, soothing water element on their properties. That is another facet of his legacy.

By the way, the crew are all personal friends of Peter’s and this made the sail even more momentous as we laughed and cried together over the wonderful stories of this loved and lovable man. Ahoy! Peter! You are in our hearts and in the wind and on the sea. Even now you are making new friends. Amazing, isn’t it?
We are ever grateful for your legacy.

It was a miraculous day on Saturday July 11th, 2009

Thank you.
I love you.

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Letting Go With Love (video)

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Letting go of a relationship is often done in ways that are painful and lack intelligence. It is done destructively and unconsciously through fault finding and blame naming. And most of all it dishonors the good that was there for all the time the relationship was great.

I believe that there really is a time and a season and a purpose. I believe that people know when it is time to let go. They ignore it. They don’t want to know. They hate confrontation. They hate endings. But they know.

Endings are beginnings and how you end a relationship is really important because the memories will be attached to the ending. And the ending will create energy for new beginnings. Letting go with love is the only conscious choice for people who live in and come from the heart in everything they do. Nothing else fits. Nothing else really works.

Yes, it is hard. It is hard because no one wants to be the one to cause pain and if you cause the pain you can’t fix the pain. The other has to do it themselves. We are feeling beings. It is hurtful when you can’t talk to someone who has been your friend for years. But the friendship has to go on hold because people need to heal. That can take time. Not because anyone was wrong either but rather because we need to let go. So a wall goes up for a while and people learn to refocus. It is like anesthesia. (People who really love each other will always be friends in the end. Actually, it is a good test.)

What you can do is send loving thoughts that come from the unconditional place of acceptance for both yourself and your partner. You can make sure you are not holding on to any kind of resentments or grudges. You can also make sure you are not blaming your partner for anything that has not been disclosed. You want it to be clean and truly in the heart. Bless the end as you did the beginning.

It is strange when you leave someone you like and love. We are used to anger and guilt. But the results of growth are that you just follow your own intuition and trust it. Like always. People will want to know why but the why for endings is often no more explainable than the why for beginnings. You can’t really explain why. It just is. You just know when it is time.

The words “til death do us part” have always bothered me. It is hard to live in the moment with that hanging over your head. Rarely are people prepared to live up to those words unless they have come together later in life and it is an agreement they already have. They came in knowing they would finish together.

I think love and life are very much like a part in a play. You are onstage while it is your turn and then you leave the stage and go backstage until it is your turn again. Or you go offstage until the next show. You play your part until it is over and then the other players come in to do their part. It is clean and simple. Even when emotions are high and the drama is raging, everyone knows what they are supposed to do and they do it. No one stomps their foot and says “hey, I don’t want to leave the stage”, they exit because it is time. It is what it is.

There is a plan. I am certain of it. We come in knowing we have made certain agreements before hand. I have never gone looking for a relationship. They have just happened when it was time. When the relationship was over I always knew why it had occurred and what I had gone into it for. Sometimes I could see the ending coming before it was even time. Scary stuff if you are attached to “til death do us “.

At the beginning of any relationship I have always had this moment of initial memory-like a recognition that is like from another time and place but not here. I just trust that. My soul understands.Then the relationship unfolds and it is a thing of beauty. It is an opportunity to love and feel and grow and be. It is like two merged astrology charts or a corporation-it is an entity all by itself. It has a life of its own. Like us, that life goes on for as long as the feelings are authentic and the truth of both parners and then it is over. Endings are also things of beauty because they are beginnings and here we are again.

It is another of life’s cycles. It is renewal and rebirth. Personally I feel if a relationship is right. My heart tells me yes or no. Then I make of it what I will. My heart has never steered me wrong. I must have great GPS.

If you let go with love you will be riding a wave of love when you meet your new relationship. Isn’t that what the law of attraction is all about?

I love you.

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The Truth Will Set You Free (video)

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The truth WILL set you free.

Every day people find themselves in situations where they are needlessly struggling to find answers and they are trying to make something work that just doesn’t work the way they think it should or want it to. We may not realize it but we often do that in all kinds of situations and with people.

A friend calls that “managing the universe”.

I like that phrase because it gives me a chance to laugh at myself when I catch myself doing just that – managing the universe. The laughter feels good because managing the universe is such a big job and it is too big for me. Of course, I don’t usually find it too funny until I realize that I am busted.

Another key phrase in my self help repertoire is “What would love do?” which I got from The Course In Miracles. When I find myself stumped by what to do I ask that question and then release and wait. Staying out of my own way is the trickiest part of all this. Release. Go on about my day and wait without watching. Know that the answer is already given and that it will reveal itself in the most available way for you to receive it.

In “The Game of Life”, a classic spiritual treatment for truth handbook by Florence Scovall Shinn, she suggests that we must ask for guidance using these words, “Infinite Spirit, reveal to me the way, let me know if there is anything I must do.” Then she says to wait for intuition to guide you. Florence says that you will get a sign by a mental message or a book or movie or quote, or some other obvious sign. Simply asking and being receptive and aware will open the channel for receiving a reply to your request. Again, trust and faith. Release and know all is well.

When you cease trying to manage the universe and simply tell the truth, you are acting in faith and then truth opens the way for right actions to occur. In “Happier Than God” Neale Donald Walsch talks about the importance of telling the truth always and especially to those you love and care about. He makes it very clear that trying to make things happen in a certain order or trying to control what happens or deciding you know what is best for others are all forms of managing the universe.

When you love in truth and trust in the natural order and process of life as guided ~ not by you ~ but by the Divine, love will always show the way and set you free from the responsibility of managing the universe. In that behavior of freeing faith you will never have to carry that burden.

Again, this brings us back to the messages from Abraham about feelings.

If it feels upstream then turn and go the other way heading downstream to where it feels good. Resistance and discomfort are the body’s natural form of guidance to truth as is feeling downstream a natural indication of balance and alignment. What is true for you is the guidance of your truth and the truth will set you free.

Join Esther Hicks and Louise Hay in this message from Abraham.

Thank you.
I love you.

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