The Truth Will Set You Free (video)

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The truth WILL set you free.

Every day people find themselves in situations where they are needlessly struggling to find answers and they are trying to make something work that just doesn’t work the way they think it should or want it to. We may not realize it but we often do that in all kinds of situations and with people.

A friend calls that “managing the universe”.

I like that phrase because it gives me a chance to laugh at myself when I catch myself doing just that – managing the universe. The laughter feels good because managing the universe is such a big job and it is too big for me. Of course, I don’t usually find it too funny until I realize that I am busted.

Another key phrase in my self help repertoire is “What would love do?” which I got from The Course In Miracles. When I find myself stumped by what to do I ask that question and then release and wait. Staying out of my own way is the trickiest part of all this. Release. Go on about my day and wait without watching. Know that the answer is already given and that it will reveal itself in the most available way for you to receive it.

In “The Game of Life”, a classic spiritual treatment for truth handbook by Florence Scovall Shinn, she suggests that we must ask for guidance using these words, “Infinite Spirit, reveal to me the way, let me know if there is anything I must do.” Then she says to wait for intuition to guide you. Florence says that you will get a sign by a mental message or a book or movie or quote, or some other obvious sign. Simply asking and being receptive and aware will open the channel for receiving a reply to your request. Again, trust and faith. Release and know all is well.

When you cease trying to manage the universe and simply tell the truth, you are acting in faith and then truth opens the way for right actions to occur. In “Happier Than God” Neale Donald Walsch talks about the importance of telling the truth always and especially to those you love and care about. He makes it very clear that trying to make things happen in a certain order or trying to control what happens or deciding you know what is best for others are all forms of managing the universe.

When you love in truth and trust in the natural order and process of life as guided ~ not by you ~ but by the Divine, love will always show the way and set you free from the responsibility of managing the universe. In that behavior of freeing faith you will never have to carry that burden.

Again, this brings us back to the messages from Abraham about feelings.

If it feels upstream then turn and go the other way heading downstream to where it feels good. Resistance and discomfort are the body’s natural form of guidance to truth as is feeling downstream a natural indication of balance and alignment. What is true for you is the guidance of your truth and the truth will set you free.

Join Esther Hicks and Louise Hay in this message from Abraham.

Thank you.
I love you.

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