Love Is Timeless and Limitless Manifestation

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Since I moved to Sarasota only just over a week ago, it might seem strange that I would have the opportunity to attend a scattering of ashes for a new friend’s husband but that is what I did on my second Saturday in Sarasota. It was poignant. It was powerful. At the end of the afternoon sail I felt that I had known the man, whose ashes we scattered, for a long time. And maybe I have. As we threw the roses and other flowers into the wake I felt as though someone had just then truly left and said goodbye through waves of heartfelt love and compassion to all aboard. I felt this man as if I had known him deeply and well.

Maybe it was the beautiful stories of his sailing days, his escapades, charming escapes and near misses. He was a character. He was living deliberately and consciously most of his life. He left the physical world at a young age of 60 and I wondered where he was off to and what was calling him to a new purpose and life somewhere else. His bride of only a relatively few years smiled through tears and blew him kisses in the wind. My heart was deeply touched by the laughter and funny stories of this well loved man. Now that is a legacy, I thought to myself as the food came out on board and the beers and wine were passed around.

Back to the legacy part. This man, Peter Seyffert, was the founding creator and member of Aquarian Quest.

Peter Seyffert with Founding Partners Joe Jacobson and Robert Killian

Peter Seyffert with Founding Partners Joe Jacobson and Robert Killian

If you are not familiar with Aquarian Quest, they do educational sails and raise money to teach the kids of Southwest Florida to experience life-changing educational sails on board their ships. Peter Seyffert believed that all children should experience sailing and the sea for themselves. He had a dream and a vision. He made it happen. His ability to focus and vision resulted in the manifestation of a dearly held dream. He was a sailor and boat builder who loved the sea and ships and wanted to pass that on for generations to come. AQ offers marine ecology education for people of all ages (and life jackets are handy so don’t worry). Seriously though – Thank the Divine for Peter’s dream. His sailing partners and team now sail daily and weekly in celebration of his dream and manifestation. Thousands of new sailors will be created to carry on the sailing tradition he loved.

Peter Seyffert and the Aquarian Quest Team with KIds

Aquarian Quest Team with KIds

Along with the “education for kids” part, Aquarian Quest does sponsored social and educational sails for adults for all kinds of events and parties; corporate and private. Weddings, birthdays, promotions, etc. are all great reasons to book a sailboat and head out to sea via beautiful Sarasota Bay. Naturally this non profit organization accepts and appreciates donations and puts them to good use. You can become a member too. If you really want to contact them do it now while you are thinking of it and keep the flame of Peter Seyffert’s dream burning brightly in the waters of Southwest Florida.

Peter had a deep love for the sea and for the earth. Along with wife Julia, he built Koi Ponds and Floating Islands all over the Sarasota area for people who just wanted a beautiful, soothing water element on their properties. That is another facet of his legacy.

By the way, the crew are all personal friends of Peter’s and this made the sail even more momentous as we laughed and cried together over the wonderful stories of this loved and lovable man. Ahoy! Peter! You are in our hearts and in the wind and on the sea. Even now you are making new friends. Amazing, isn’t it?
We are ever grateful for your legacy.

It was a miraculous day on Saturday July 11th, 2009

Thank you.
I love you.

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