Creating A Healthy Relationship (video)

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How do we go about creating a healthy relationship? That is a question that comes up a lot.

First, I am going to preface this post with a few statements:
Everything here is my opinion and based on my personal experience of 50 years. You may have had a different experience. One way or another I hope this will cause you to think or that you will take the time to comment. I assure you that I will publish all valid comments (not spam). Thank you

Mars or Venus…

Men are men and women are women. We don’t think alike and we aren’t supposed to. Men are mostly mental logical about relationships and women are mostly emotional about everything to do with love. Both genders obviously feel but how they deal with how they feel is completely different-for the most part.

Having said that, I think there are certain guidelines that work for both sides when it comes to choosing a new mate AFTER you have your own house in order. I mean you know yourself and know that you are focused on aligning thoughts, language, feelings, and actions to express your truth as best you can right now. That is what we are all doing is the best we can right now. Then wait for the perfect-for-you partner to be attracted to you.

I say that because I do believe what I said in an earlier post; that often times Cupid has his way with us and a preselected or karmic partner that we chose already, shows up at exactly the right time. Free will being what it is, we may decide not to choose that partner but they will be there as agreed.

So here are a few guidelines to help you keep your head on straight.

1. Start a new relationship when you are centered balanced and healed. If you are fresh out of a relationship you may be carrying energy that is not really who you are but rather who the other relationship was. A relationship is an entity in its own right and it takes time to clear residual energies and move back into your own center. You may think you are ready before you are. Give yourself at least a few months after a *marriage to even think of getting serious again. Just be nice to yourself and find out who YOU are.

2.Create a list of traits and characteristics that are important to you. There are qualities that really matter to you and others that don’t mean as much. Break your list down into sections after you have written everything you can think of that you prefer and desire.

3. Break your list down to what is A. Mandatory, B. Negotiable, C. Icing on the cake. Knowing what is mandatory is crucial. If you settle for less you may regret it unless you really love everything else about this person.

4. Choose someone who is perfect for you. No one is perfect for everyone.

5. This one is really super important and probably supersedes all the other ones. Show up as who you are-not as the other person wants you to be. Don’t sell yourself out by not being who you are. No one wants to be disappointed because you are not who they thought you are or vice versa.
Faith is waiting for the one that you can be yourself with at all times. You will definitely know after several dates if you are comfortable showing up as yourself or if this person really wants someone who isn’t you. Cinderella isn’t here trying to force a shoe on that doesn’t fit and don’t you either.

6. You never really know someone until you have met them and spent time with them. Internet relationships are amazing and many are matches made for eternity. I have a few friends who met their significant others online and they are extremely happy they followed up. It happens all the time but don’t commit to anything until you have spent time getting to know this person face to face. Believe me, I am not discounting the magic of internet matchmaking. It is like meeting someone at the virtual office or cocktail party. You just have to be in their energy in the flesh. Meet their family and friends. See who they surround themselves with. Experience their moods and of course, make love. Last but not least you have to be sure they are who they say they are and that they don’t live in a hut in the desert or have an undisclosed mate living with them. I have heard of that too! There is nothing like being there in the flesh.

7. If someone seems moody, critical and selfish online then you can be sure they will be that and more in person. Some people are never happy. Some people are addicted to drama and unhappiness. You can never change someone. You can only change yourself. Don’t put yourself in the position of fixing someone. Helpful assistance is one thing, fixing is another. Know the difference.

8. Be the partner you want to attract. Be authentic and be confident. Be love. Be peace. Be joy. Be kind. Be receptive. Like in a good professional sales relationship it is best to under promise and over deliver. ( Like I said, my opinions!)

9. If it doesn’t feel downstream all the way, in spite of your questions, confusion, frustration or hurt feelings; Don’t Go There!
This one is one of the hardest to adhere to if you are the type who thinks they can fix anything. Even great sexual energy is not enough if something isn’t quite right. Timing could be off or there may be someone else that is a better fit. Trust your gut! Head your boat downstream…

By now you know that I love great videos so enjoy Dear Ones!

Thank you ~
I love you ~

*marriage or long term committed relationship

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