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The BIG WEEKEND is a time for magic, play, networking, relaxing, growing, sharing, a getaway weekend for self growth and self nurturing. You choose what it is for you and I choose what it is for me. Great, huh? I thought so!

Seymour and Amy Segnit are my friends of several years and I love them. I LOVE THEM! I believe in them. I have watched them grow themselves and charmingly, determinedly grow others because they just can’t help it! Seymour Segnit, also CEO and Founder of his first personal development company, CHANGE THAT’S RIGHT NOW, is an amazing, down to earth, sweetheart of a guy AND he is one of the top transformational trainers who emerged in the last five years here in America. Before that he was gracing the UK with his unstoppable self.

Learn something about yourself and bring some friends too, when you sign up now, and have an UNSTOPPABLE PASSIONATE WEEKEND YOURSELF! YOU owe this to yourself and to everyone you love who is totally about self growth and what’s new and transforming in the course of just one weekend in the CITY OF ANGELS- LOS ANGELES.

The Renaissance Hotel is NOT too shabby, my dears, and the room rate RIGHT NOW for this event if booked before August 26th is only $59.50 per person per night ($119. double occupancy)! Jet Blue– already an el cheapo fare rate- is giving an additional 5% off the price of airfare. AND you can even post for a room share on the link after you sign up. Actually that is how Seymour and I became friends back in 2005 at another event! The networking begins at Hello! So -Tell me, HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?

After months of negative programming about the “R” word, you want to start the fall and the coming season with a fresh perspective, an inexpensive getaway, a major networking opportunity and most of ALL…..A NEW YOU! BETTER THAN EVER AND READY TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD BY CHANGING YOUR MIND.

And for those Warriors and Wizards who have worked with Seymour AND Aaron before….guess what? Aaron is one of the Lead Trainers for Life University and this event!

Am I excited? Am I bursting with enthusiasm? I AM. The Big Weekend is all about self growth and it is all about YOU. See you there!

Always Love,

~~~ Do NOt Lay DoWn in this sQueEze ThaT is GoInG on And sTop TakiNG CaRe of YOURSELF.

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