Tea Party My Healthy Boomer Wealthy Attitude

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The Tea Party has got me thinking about my Healthy Boomer Wealthy Attitude and what that means.

Most of my readers are accustomed to my blog being spiritually oriented and uplifting.  I tend to stay away from that which is political and critical.  I am a live and let live lady with little resistance to the idea that each individual is here to express and experience their own unique life in freedom and peace. If I do not agree with something I do not participate.

Now I am feeling that it is time to speak up.

There are several things I am particularly passionate about as a boomer and I am a healthy boomer with a wealthy attitude.  I believe in small government smartly run by elected officials who care as much for my wealth, health, success and happiness as their own.  I do vote.  I believe that small business owners to large business owners make America great and wealthy and that when you make it impossible for entrepreneurs to survive by taxing them out of business then America will become a country of factory- like slaves toiling for what is left of a meager paycheck.

My family represents many generations of long living, healthy people who eat lots of greens, little meat,  fresh enzyme rich foods and get lots of physical exercise. There is a long history of  farmers and landowners both before and after they came to America in the 17oo’s.  I don’t like or want a health care bill that looks anything like the one Congress is trying to rapidly foist on us before we know what hits us. (Not to mention that only God knows what else they stuffed in there!)If I need a doctor I will pick my own or work harder to stay healthy by respecting my body and what I put in it. I am quite capable of taking care of myself, thank you, and I am fed up with the strangulation of American’s personal freedoms.  If I want vitamins it is my business and always has been.

Our dear friend, John Mc Cain, is trying to take away our rights to vitamin suppliments. You are insulting our intelligence Mr. McCain and a lot of Americans don’t like what you are representing. Not that you care, but I thought you would like to hear it from one of us who used to think you stood for something.

And Another Thing: I don’t want a sitting Congress with lifelong hangers on who will milk the system forever. Enough of that!

Term limitations for Congress is a must.  Being honored by the people to serve in Congress for a term of no more than two to four years with two terms at the maximum or reinstate the original terms before they were changed in 1787.  Who can resist the temptation to form allies and agendas any longer than that?  Not even a saint!  Who can stay dedicated to the people who voted them in for longer than that? Not many and it is not worth the risk.   There should not be pensions for career Congressmen and women.  Congress is a period of service to your country not a career.  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson must be doing flips in their graves!

It is my personal opinion that Congressmen and women should serve their terms and then go back to their lives and careers as everyday citizens and live with what the rest of us live with.  Repeated re-election is the founding point of greed and corruption and political abuse of power and information. It becomes a lifestyle and not a mission of representation.  It is human weakness to want to align with people who agree with us and few  can withstand the lure of power and perks.  Congress should not be permitted to vote their own benefits and pay increases!  Who wouldn’t want that job?!  The people of each state should make that decision based on results.  Where is the accountability? Think about it…who do these people really answer to?  When citizens are stoically dealing with inflation and recession Congresspeople should take pay cuts as well.  There are no royalty in American government!

Alan Colmes Word of the Month: Progressive

Pardon me while I puke….  There is nothing “progressive” going on here except the progressive bilking of individual American wealth through bailouts, taxes, job losses, and foreign aid.  The real estate and banking debacle has managed to rob small investors of billions of dollars while pitting  middle and upper middle income Americans who WERE doing WELL against each other – AS though WE WERE AT FAULT for ACHIEVING A BETTER LIFE than we had. They used to call that the American Dream.

So now, the  banks are the big real estate holders and they will sell to anyone with cash since the bail out money has mysteriously disappeared and they don’t do mortgages – but where has all the cash gone?  You may have to look outside the country to answer that question. Do you like the way the mysterious “they” effectively persuaded Americans  to cash in all their gold as the prices climbed?  Now of course they will sell that gold taking profits and causing the prices to drop and gold will go down.  And up. And down.  Hey, that’s the commodities markets for you.  What are we a bunch of puppets?  Don’t sell your gold! Spend your savings instead.  It isn’t anything more than useless paper anyway! The best way to get more money is to print your own…commonly known as stock certificates in your own company. That means thinking like an entrepreneur.  Ask Rich Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki.

I am done with watching Americans do the Pavlov’s dog’s routine where the (wealthy beyond your imagination) Democrats ring the “bad rich people Republicans” bell to get the desired effect of lower income Americans feeling like victims of the wealthy.  Are we really still buying into that?? There is plenty of wealth in both parties so why the illusion of poor Democrats and rich Republicans?  Sorry Folks!  I DO NOT see myself as a victim of my country and its entrepreneurs  of which I am one.  I am over the game of  Parties pitting Americans against each other based on the imaginary idea of “who has more money” and then trying to take the money away from those who are able to create businesses and wealth  for themselves to give it to others who don’t yet know how to do that.  Stop it. We will learn. That is what we do. Wealth has to be created. It is not something we are entitled to.   Being born does not necessarily guarantee wealth!  You actually have to work, learn, risk, invent, serve, provide, grow and whatever else it takes to accumulate wealth.  Some people are born to it because someone else in their families did all that so they don’t have to but we aren’t all quite that lucky.  Oh well!

Still, how empowering is it to resent what others have?  How empowering is it to covet what others have?  I was not raised that way and I refuse to become that kind of an American who resents others and does not believe in herself and her own ability. It has been a tough couple of years but guess what?  I am still standing and I am surviving in spite of the economy though I have had to grit my teeth more than a few times.  Just like you, I have done without, reduced spending, gone back to school, and continued to reinvent myself anew. I haven’t had a new car in five years and I am much more price conscious. I have created some new and good habits that serve me better than many of my old habits.   Maybe we can teach this to Congress.  They certainly expect sacrifice from us.By the way, I am also paying a lot more attention to what is going on in Washington. I hope you are too.

For the record:

I am an American. I like being an American. I have been a Democrat. I have been a Republican. I have voted since my 18th birthday and I volunteer at election time. Things have changed and I don’t recognize either one of those two parties anymore so I am a Libertarian now. My mind set is  Independent! I am still seeing what all of it boils down to between now and the next election but I will tell you this: I want more options!  I want a strong presence besides Democrats (or Progressives as they now call themselves) and Republicans.   I want recognition of what LEGAL VOTING AMERICANS want for this country.

It is clearly time to stand up, speak out, take action, and be heard if you care about the future of this country.  And if you don’t ….well, as they used to say in the 70’s, AMERICA, LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER!

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good info .. I am very interested with your article …

Thank you. Expressing ones political opinion is often risky but freedom of expression and speech are foundational to Americans so I had to do that to honor the fact that I can. I respect the rights of Americans to have their point of view and let it be known.

Thank you for respecting mine.

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