What Is Wrong With Drug Addicts and Alcoholics – Replacing Labels With Truth

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What is wrong with drug addicts and alcoholics? That is the question most non-addictive personality types usually ask when baffled by such destructive behavior as demonstrated by their addicted friends and family. The truth is that addiction is baffling for those who have never walked that path. In our advanced, one of a kind program for treatment of addiction, we ask a different question. We ask, what is right with these individuals and how can we learn to help them through the unspoken messages of their painful and self destructive behavior?

Given that all addicts know that their periods of relief are brief, expensive, and shame inducing; why do they do it? Obviously, there is no simple answer, OR IS THERE?  That is a question we have asked of more than sixty addicts who said that they use because “it makes them feel better at the moment. It makes them feel so much better than the way they felt before they did it,” and it makes them feel connected to everything rather than unbearably lonely and separate from everything and everyone. That is very telling and especially so because of the shame and personal disappointment most feel as soon as they detox and get back on track, however briefly.

Unfortunately, it is usually only days or weeks before their will to stay clean and sober is once again overrun with the seemingly unbearable and desperate urge to use again immediately and they really don’t care if it kills them.  In fact, they will often tempt fate with the carelessness of supply, source, or even amount, and scoff at the idea that they might have died. Many addicts have gone into coma only to have been discovered by loved ones who got them to the hospital before they died. Others have gone into coma among strangers who walked away and left them to die, too fearful or drugged to face reality or the law while under the influence of illegal substances.

So what is going on here? What is the truth about the people who choose substance abuse over the natural high of a healthy life where one does not require chemical fixes to deal with daily living and emotional peace of mind? What are they really addicted to? Is it the drug (heroin, cocaine, crack, Vicoden, etc.), the alcohol, the abuse, the sex, the shopping, the shame or the failure?  I do not believe so.  People get addicted to that which makes them feel good, empowered, powerful; connected to God, the world and everyone in it – even if only for minutes. They want that feeling as often as they can get it. BUT.  The big BUT right here and now. BUT they are looking for it outside of themselves; separately from themselves, because they can’t believe that they already have it inside and they refuse or do not know how to go within. Too many things have gone wrong. Too many wounds have never healed. Too many lies, too many disappointments all beg the question “what is wrong with me,” and the answer seems to be “everything is wrong and nothing is right.” Anything that confirms that horrible and sad belief sends them running to the next drunk, high, crash, or even suicide, as my own family has experienced.

Alcohol and drugs promise the fastest ride on the highway to heaven only it always stops there just briefly before making a beeline to hell. If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Even addicts see the truth of that statement.

So we show them what is RIGHT with them. We use their own bodies, minds, spirits, hearts, and energy to make it possible for them to help themselves with our expert guidance. We lead them to the truth that no one else could show them EVEN IF they could see it. We help them experience it too, and we measure the difference so that they can see it, feel it, measure it, and document it themselves, as they improve day by day. Every step of the way, the painful past and hurtful memories gently disappear.  Without the anger and blame there is no resistance and no magnetic negative energetic record to attract more of the same. In many ways, it is like being reborn and rediscovering your pure inborn core of radiant health and perfection.

Do you ever wonder…

“Who were YOU before the world left its imprint all over you?”

Come to Costa Rica for sixty days and let’s find out. Peel off the false labels that have become your identity. You are not an alcoholic and you are not an addict. Do not worry. It is true.We will see who you really are and you will discover your inborn core of pure health that no one can take from you ever again once you know it is there. You will own it.

The truth is that addicts are addicted to finding a way, any way, to feel good, to feel right, to feel powerful and in control, as often as they can. They do not care anymore what it takes and it is even worth dying for when they are at that point. 

At Nueva Vida Health and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica, we do not ‘rehab’ you and send you back just to have you fall down again and come right back for more. Just be clear that you have to take the time and you have to do the work and we are here to help you succeed AND we won’t stop until you do.

If you are reading this and need help for someone you love … call me or Michael. Make it the last time you need Treatment of Addiction. Call us and let us answer your questions about who we are and what we do. Now is time for YOU.

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3 Responses to “What Is Wrong With Drug Addicts and Alcoholics – Replacing Labels With Truth”

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I never thought that working with the problems of addictions and the lives they destroy and claim would be part of my life and purpose, but Source Energy has pushed and pushed until I could not ignore it, though at first I tried. I lost my brother to suicide after years of addiction to prescription and illegal pain meds., and then I almost lost my “babygirl” to depression and overdose but she was found in a coma by her dad and rushed to the hospital which saved her life. My mom died due to heart and lung disease caused by over 50 years of smoking and a belief that those cigarettes owned her.

Life has been good to me and I know that we are all given the will to live and a beautiful heart connection to God/Source Energy. I and my husband Michael have spent the last several years working with groups and individuals who need this kind of help to find the road home to the truth of who they are. Whether addiction or alcohol, depression or dysfunction is your issue, we know we can help you find your way back and close down the path that led you astray. Come to Costa Rica and stay with us here. See our info at http://www.treatmentofaddiction.co and contact us. We are tough but we are also kind and caring. Call us.

Well well well my dear friend, what a beautifully written piece.

As I was reading I was relating like I am afraid to say… MANY. I am a mother who had to watch her child live the life of self destruction on a journey to be happy….or so he thought

This particular decision to be at peace or to be happy if only for the moment is just another of many ways that hurts all of us! WE ARE ALL ONE…..

Take those who think if I molest that little child I will feel good again, or if I cut myself it will make me feel better, take that drink, shoot that dope, on and on and on.

So many are hurting and yet are so close to their happiness, their OWN inner peace and don’t know it.

This is a wonderful time inspite of all the pain and suffering. Folks like you and Michael and other beings
of light and love who are not ashamed to say it, share and BE it are going to make a BIG difference in the lives of our fellow man.

NOW is the time!


God Bless You, JoAnn. Thank you for your insightful comments and loving support. I really hope your words come true and that we will have the opportunity here and later back home, to genuinely help as many people as possible. Addictions are tricky buggers but we have seen that there is a huge error in the way addiction is being handled and treated and we do not believe that more meds are the answer. It is amazing how much more important that has become to me. That and spending as much time as possible with those I love after so many years of chasing this dream and that dream. I think you and I have gone thru similar transitional experiences. Its time to get right down to the real nitty gritty…lol. We got work to do- and we need both love and passion to do it. When I least expected it, my purpose found me and I have my daughter to thank for that. I never thought I would be saying that. Yes, Grandma Donahue 😉 NOW is the time!

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