Listen To The Sound of Healing (video)

I am providing a selection of videos with healing sound from a YouTube collection designed specifically to sooth your brain at the end of a crazy day or after a stressful event.

If you are a student and you are studying for exams, etc., these videos are a good way to end the evening before you go to sleep preceding a day of exams. Access your information more easily when you relax the brain waves. I have found this to be very helpful.

If you are someone who has to go to court, or make a presentation that you are tense about, listen to these before you go to sleep or even before you have to appear. Relax the brainwaves so you can be more in touch with what you are there to do.

You will find many others on YouTube and I like most of them. Shown are some favorites.

See if they make you feel better. Also, if I am really stressed and cannot seem to get into a mediation I view one of these first and then I can meditate if I have time. You may want to watch more than once to get the full benefit but after a few times it seems like your brain just knows what to do as soon as you start the video. It’s great!

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