I Am Responsible

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Follow your internal guidance system and you will manifest your dreams. Follow what everyone else says, does and thinks and living a joyous life happily ever after may be a fleeting idea. You are responsible for making the decision as to what you follow.  The energy from the dominant thought and feeling within creates your reality. That is The Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is The Law of Responsibility.  You are responsible for what you create.

Many of us having experience in traditional thought environments including our families, friends, churches, and, in fact, everyone we were in contact with have some challenges when we first hear the words “I am responsible for what I create in my life and I create everything in my life”  If your background is primarily traditional thought, or institutionalized thinking which is fear based, then all around you were likely to be in that mindset.  Of course  because  we attract what we think about.

Some have the experience that I have had all my life. I just felt there was something more for me to grasp. For me the first time I heard the statement that I was responsible, I knew, just knew that was true. From that point forward I was on a mission to understand what being responsible really meant.  I think many reading this have brighter lights on than me and know what that means.  For me I think I was doing intensive research and reflection for quite some time and then one day I found the answer. I Am Responsible means I Am Responsible.  Geesh!!

You probably know by now that Manifest Mastermind is a major advocate of clearly defining what it is that you want. Our members spend over two weeks just on that assignment.  Well there is more but that is the topic.  Free course subscribers receive guidance on defining what you want in the first part of the seven part series. So one way or another you know and have completed the process of defining your dreams and desires.  Now you know you are responsible for creating them.  Yes you. It is your job. Now I am going to give you the crash course on how to do this.

1. If it feels good, do it.

2. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

That’s it. Yes it is true there is nothing more to this process of creation than that.

Since most of you don’t buy into this, let’s look at some examples:

You are on the phone or in a meeting and you don’t feel good about it.  Leave it.

You are in a relationship that feels marvelous. Grow with it.

You have situations with those close to you where they are experiencing all kinds of issues.  Their issues not yours.

You are who you are. You look like you do, you dress how you choose, you say what you want, you behave how you want. If you modify any of these things because you are concerned about what another will think, then you are not in alignment with God who is in you. You are then creating stress and tension. How do you think I know this?

In every situation , you have a choice.  Most importantly, when you are flowing downstream (Abraham) ,which means you are with the energy flow then you are in alignment with your purpose.  The opposite is also true.

Many reading this will come up with a list, some very long lists starting with “but”.  The sooner you get the point there are no “buts” the sooner you will be accelerating the physical manifestation of your dreams. I am responsible…you are responsible.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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Manifesting Dreams and Desires

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Do you spend a lot of time focused on manifesting dreams and desires?  I know I do.  Have you noticed that the more you realize that it really is all up to you the more difficult it can be to pinpoint those dreams and desires?  There is so much in this magnificent world to experience. How do we narrow it down?  My lists are always pages and pages of dreams and desires.  There is just so very much I want to be, experience, have, try, do and have done.

Actually, I have made a good start of it.  I am sure there are at least a couple of good books in me. Life has been mostly exciting so far.  Even in the valleys life is interesting and filled with love and growth. Not so bad then, is it?  Now that I have entered the second fifty years of my life, I intend to get much more focused and that is what I am working on now.

During the peaks I hung out of helicopters with photographers in Manhattan while we shot the Statue of Liberty for the Chrysler restoration project.  How about camping out on Liberty Island in the middle of summer with a full moon?  That was to capture photos of the statue in all kinds of light during a 24 hour period.  Few people can make that claim. Actually only two.  Believe me the stories go on and on.  I have great stories of driving through Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France on one trip that lasted for weeks and then another of driving around England in total amazement of how green and beautiful the countryside is and how totally alive London is, and so many more.  I could live in my memories and not come out. That is what happens when you go after as much of life as you possibly can for most of your life as I have tried to do.

The thing is that I question my legacy
and what I have to contribute.  It is time to get clarity about that.  I am not a scientist or a doctor or a famous anything; just a woman who loves this life and lives each day as fully as possible. Is that enough?  I am not sure.  I think there is something more I am supposed to do.

What are your dreams and desires?  Have you lived this life fully so far?  What would you love to do?  Is your list made? If not, today is the day.  Today is the day to start the list and begin checking it off one item at a time.  It is so easy to let the days fly by without ever stepping out of the safe little comfort zone you are living in.  I get really antsy  when that happens. Like now. We all get in ruts.  You don’t have to stay in a rut and that is the point. Ruts can be a way of taking a pause for the ‘take stock’ cause.

Become a dreamer. Get really specific about your dreams. Fill them with details and color and joy. Feel them coming true and let yourself fall in love with your life.  Start in your daydreams and then begin to challenge yourself to take the next step.  Ready, set, action-Manifest!

Life is short and precious.  I spent fifty eight years living many more of my dreams than the average friend I know. Most of my women friends have barely been out of their home state and never left the country.  A lot of my male friends too.  Except for the occasional vacation jaunt to the islands they have never been gone from home for more than a long weekend or a long business trip to Chicago.

What are you waiting for?  It goes by in a hurry.  Make the present moment count. Write your list and start living your dreams. Become a manifesting maniac!

I joined a group on Facebook early in the new year because all these questions were surfacing again for me. That group led me to the private membership community called  Manifest Mastermind. I liked it because Manifest Mastermind has a step by step plan to help us and a support group to actually walk the path with us and we all help each other.  I love the community and I think you will too.  I am making progress.  I now have a plan to go to England again this summer and see several friends around the country.  I have also started a new business.  There are actually several new scenarios on the horizon because of my focus and support of magnificent new friends.   I got my groove back.  😉

I hope you will comment and tell your stories and contact me on Facebook and let’s talk.  I love new friends. I have a link to the Manifest Mastermind Blog if you’d like to get a feel for the tone of the community, or just click the link and go get your Free 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams. Dont’ just step outside the box. Throw that thing away!

Thank you for stopping in.  I am happy you are here.

~I love you~

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