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Self Improvement Software has arrived!

Could it possibly be true that there is a software program that uses Qi Gong Energy Enhancement online to improve your body, mind, spirit and emotions day by day?  Incrementally, gently, precisely, and with great love inherent in the program to benefit each user on a daily use basis (like brushing your teeth!) and people all over the world are using it. SRC4You and Sh-E-Motion have been not only launched but refined substantially since they were first released.

SRC4You was released in December 2010 and Sh-E-Motion is now completing its Beta program in the hands of thousands of women since February 2012. Personally, I have used both programs ongoing since they became available and my friends and relatives have also used and benefited greatly from both programs.  I have never felt clearer, more focused, and more emotionally and mentally tuned-in in my life.

I have been using SRC4You daily since it became available as a Beta test product in 2010. I cannot tell you how thankful I am. I also run it on my friends and family who ask and I have watched them enjoy the benefits over time. It is gradual and cumulative and worth the brief time and effort it takes each day to run it.

Have you  ever wished you could help friends and family when you are not with them where they are, when you have to work or when you live in different locations? I felt that way so often because my life is helping people. I facilitate workshops, I coach and I write self development blogs. I work with people struggling with addictions and I get the word out when something good comes along that changes lives! I am a communicator and in fact my college major – Communications!

I am always on the lookout for something that will help me to make my own life better faster and to help as many other people as possible. That is why I became a Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Certified Facilitator in 2009. That is also why I studied EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique back in 1995 with Gary Craig when he put out his first training DVD’s and was giving EFT to anyone who was eager to learn how energy and meridians can be used to help anyone! I was also a psych major in college before switching to Communications.  I have searched the world of self help and personal growth for the past 30 years for ways to empower people to change their lives for the better right in the comfort of their own homes at their most convenient possible time regardless of the circumstances. I love this stuff! How does it get better than that? 🙂

Since I became a regular user of the software I have seen the positive effects on my skin, eyes, strength, level of energy, memory, emotions, sense of inner peace, and overall well-being – that is just to mention some of the more general, but distinct, observations. One of the most important effects that I see is the stress-free state of mind I have experienced in spite of one of the most stressful years of my life in 2011.

Imagine this, I type or click on “stress” in the options box and the list of Qi Gong attunements populates and my energy session begins. It may run for minutes or hours – whatever I need.  If I like, I can simply hit the “Wonder Click Me” button and allow the program to fill in the list of attunements needed.  I can go on with my day , watch a movie or go to sleep. What else is possible?

Well, let me tell you!  I can give myself an energy face rejuvenation, an eyelift treatment, a Qi Gong or Tai Chi workout OR a whatever you can imagine…weightlifting, wrestling, yoga. It is all there or type it in yourself. All you have to do is set the programming!

For people like me, who help hundreds of people each month, there are many more uses. You have to see this or contact me or the website for lots more information.  I was stunned by what is possible and it is like a self improvement candy store for me.

Treatment of Addiction

Without infringing on anyone’s privacy, I must also say that I have worked with addicts and alcoholics in the past year in our program that includes the use of SRC4U and the daily use of the program has helped not only the clients, but it helped me to help them with consistent energetic support.  There are many elements necessary to clearing addiction and they are physical, emotional, mental, and energetic! SRC4You supports this work at every level.  If it were up to me every rehab center would have this software and use it 24/7. It is that important.

Sh-E-Motion Daily Stress Relief works on the female emotions benefiting the gamut of issues women deal with every day of their lives from the inside out where their inner strength can be corrected and supported through healthy alignment as they so choose.

Like SRC4You software, thousands of hours of research and intuition and spiritual guidance have gone into the structuring of the daily stress relief program to make it user friendly for women of all ages – daughter to mother to grandmother. Every family of women will love all the ways Sh-E-Motion helps them and assists them in supporting and helping each other.

The vast corrective power of Qi Gong used repetitively in this application is unparalleled in its effectiveness much like a drop of water drip, drip, dripping on a baked earthenware bowl. This program can only be used to help, improve, restore, align, and strengthen. How does it get better than that?  It is the best gift ever for self help junkies like me!

I now use Sh-E-Motion with female clients as often as possible and I believe it activates and progresses private self growth therapy sessions and workshops for any participant. So many issues come up that most women would not necessarily know how to articulate without the clarity of the software to assist them. Nor would they necessarily know what the associated issues that need attention and clearing are. I have been astounded more than once and so have my participants.

SRC4You and Sh-E-Motion are the game changer software programs that will wake up those who still don’t get the power of energy and ancient Qi Gong knowledge combined with the internet.  Above all it is an experience not a conversation.  You have to try it to believe it.

To get more information , Subscribe to Premium usage monthly at a very low rate of $9.95,

or purchase a USB Flash Drive that you can take with you and use as you travel;

Please Contact Ray Foley, CFO.

You may also contact me here in the comments section if you have questions about my experiences using these programs. I will be happy to talk with you.

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Inside The Minds of Addicts and Alcoholics

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What goes on inside the minds of addicts and alcoholics? You would be surprised at the pain hidden behind many a smiling face. The vicious and unrelenting mental cycles that drive people to substance abuse would be too much for the majority of us and I have come to be in awe of what these folks are dealing with more often than people know.  You can’t resolve it with casual rationale because there is nothing casual or rational about it. No one should have to go through this alone. No one. Ever. The endless cycle of pain, blame, shame, and self abuse would drive anyone to escape via the nearest toxic brain shushing substance! No one could ever punish an addict or alcoholic more than they themselves. No one.

What most of us do not understand is that these folks are all around us and they may not be self applying the labels of alcoholic or addict, yet they are border-line “in trouble.” They may be suffering through grief or loss of a loved one – through death or divorce. Financial issues and increases in costs of living, along with loss of employment,targets new victims daily. Too many folks are self-medicating and overusing and abusing prescriptions while either drinking more often, or combining alcohol and medications.  They may be depressed and not know why yet desperate for some kind of help other than the traditional route which has not or is not working for them right now. Some are in therapy, yet still at a loss. Too often they have not even reached out for therapy being of the “I can handle this” mindset.  Then again, they might be ready and looking quietly or actively, and really want to find the a way to break free of the destructive cycles before it is too late. One too many close calls at home or at work being the catalyst for a sense of desperation creeping into their awareness.

The good news is that there is help available from many caring sources readily available. Intervention done by caring family and friends is described by clients as welcomed and appreciated since they often don’t know how to make the dire urgency of their need known to those who really want to help.

In addition, for those who are ready, we offer private, anonymous, caring, non 12 step, residential, holistic help that is life changing and completely customized to the individual.  Everyone is different and their needs are different. There are no group sessions and the only time there is more than one client at a time is when discussed and agreed upon and the maximum is two people.  All clients are referrals and carefully screened for readiness, commitment, current status, history and sincerity. We become your family for 30-60 days and you become a member of ours. For most people the time needed is 30-45 days and 60 for some.

This program is like an extreme esteem makeover: life edition. We designed it based on the Core Health Program and work we have done with participants and clients over the years. The program is unique and restorative. It is extensive and intense. It is effective.

Pure Core of Health

We are currently offering our program in Costa Rica and will be returning to Sarasota, Florida in early March. Our first available opening is June 2012. Request information and details at Treatment of Addiction. We will email and arrange a phone meeting at an agreeable time for all.

There is a truth about who you are and it is unchanged by what you go through.When you surround yourself with healthy, happy people it is easier to take back your pure core of health. We look forward to facilitating that journey with you.

Pura Vida!

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What Is Wrong With Drug Addicts and Alcoholics – Replacing Labels With Truth

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What is wrong with drug addicts and alcoholics? That is the question most non-addictive personality types usually ask when baffled by such destructive behavior as demonstrated by their addicted friends and family. The truth is that addiction is baffling for those who have never walked that path. In our advanced, one of a kind program for treatment of addiction, we ask a different question. We ask, what is right with these individuals and how can we learn to help them through the unspoken messages of their painful and self destructive behavior?

Given that all addicts know that their periods of relief are brief, expensive, and shame inducing; why do they do it? Obviously, there is no simple answer, OR IS THERE?  That is a question we have asked of more than sixty addicts who said that they use because “it makes them feel better at the moment. It makes them feel so much better than the way they felt before they did it,” and it makes them feel connected to everything rather than unbearably lonely and separate from everything and everyone. That is very telling and especially so because of the shame and personal disappointment most feel as soon as they detox and get back on track, however briefly.

Unfortunately, it is usually only days or weeks before their will to stay clean and sober is once again overrun with the seemingly unbearable and desperate urge to use again immediately and they really don’t care if it kills them.  In fact, they will often tempt fate with the carelessness of supply, source, or even amount, and scoff at the idea that they might have died. Many addicts have gone into coma only to have been discovered by loved ones who got them to the hospital before they died. Others have gone into coma among strangers who walked away and left them to die, too fearful or drugged to face reality or the law while under the influence of illegal substances.

So what is going on here? What is the truth about the people who choose substance abuse over the natural high of a healthy life where one does not require chemical fixes to deal with daily living and emotional peace of mind? What are they really addicted to? Is it the drug (heroin, cocaine, crack, Vicoden, etc.), the alcohol, the abuse, the sex, the shopping, the shame or the failure?  I do not believe so.  People get addicted to that which makes them feel good, empowered, powerful; connected to God, the world and everyone in it – even if only for minutes. They want that feeling as often as they can get it. BUT.  The big BUT right here and now. BUT they are looking for it outside of themselves; separately from themselves, because they can’t believe that they already have it inside and they refuse or do not know how to go within. Too many things have gone wrong. Too many wounds have never healed. Too many lies, too many disappointments all beg the question “what is wrong with me,” and the answer seems to be “everything is wrong and nothing is right.” Anything that confirms that horrible and sad belief sends them running to the next drunk, high, crash, or even suicide, as my own family has experienced.

Alcohol and drugs promise the fastest ride on the highway to heaven only it always stops there just briefly before making a beeline to hell. If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Even addicts see the truth of that statement.

So we show them what is RIGHT with them. We use their own bodies, minds, spirits, hearts, and energy to make it possible for them to help themselves with our expert guidance. We lead them to the truth that no one else could show them EVEN IF they could see it. We help them experience it too, and we measure the difference so that they can see it, feel it, measure it, and document it themselves, as they improve day by day. Every step of the way, the painful past and hurtful memories gently disappear.  Without the anger and blame there is no resistance and no magnetic negative energetic record to attract more of the same. In many ways, it is like being reborn and rediscovering your pure inborn core of radiant health and perfection.

Do you ever wonder…

“Who were YOU before the world left its imprint all over you?”

Come to Costa Rica for sixty days and let’s find out. Peel off the false labels that have become your identity. You are not an alcoholic and you are not an addict. Do not worry. It is true.We will see who you really are and you will discover your inborn core of pure health that no one can take from you ever again once you know it is there. You will own it.

The truth is that addicts are addicted to finding a way, any way, to feel good, to feel right, to feel powerful and in control, as often as they can. They do not care anymore what it takes and it is even worth dying for when they are at that point. 

At Nueva Vida Health and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica, we do not ‘rehab’ you and send you back just to have you fall down again and come right back for more. Just be clear that you have to take the time and you have to do the work and we are here to help you succeed AND we won’t stop until you do.

If you are reading this and need help for someone you love … call me or Michael. Make it the last time you need Treatment of Addiction. Call us and let us answer your questions about who we are and what we do. Now is time for YOU.

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