Lessons From Abraham

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These two Lessons From Abraham encompass core truths that will change your life the moment you open up to allow your heart and mind to receive them. That so much can be said with so few words is astonishing.  Read and re-read until you are certain you own the essence of these two bits of universal truth and your joy will explode as never before!

“….most of them do not understand how they are getting what they are getting. And that is the reason that the word ‘vulnerable’ comes forth, that is the reason that there are so many who believe that they are victims .

They believe that they are victims because they do not understand how they get what they get. They do not understand that they invite through their thought or their attention.

You may feel exuberance as you look into any experience by recognizing that the experience itself, in fact only the experience will bring them an understanding of these laws.

A correlation between what is thought and what is spoken and what is received is necessary before this understanding will come forth. And that is the reason that we are here. That is the reason that you are here. To help those that we are interacting with, understand that they are getting what they are talking about. They are getting what they are thinking about. That their expectancy does invite into their experience you see.”


Focus is effort because Law of Attraction will hold you to your dominant vibration...

The habit of thought has a vibration active within you, and Law of Attraction’s holding you there.Law of Attraction’s holding you there, Law of Attraction’s giving you other thoughts that match it, Law of Attraction’s bringing you to people who think the same thing, Law of Attraction’s bringing evidence to you to support your belief. In other words, of course it’s hard, because reality has been formulating around it and you believe your reality.

And –ooooh, did you just hear that? You believe THAT reality and we want you to believe THIS reality. We want you to believe the vibrational reality, we want you to believe the reality of the WHOLE of you, you see. And when these two realities merge, and the only way these–oh this is so good-the only way these two realities can merge is if YOU come this way into your vortex. Because your vortex is never going to merge with this reality. If the Source within you would merge with sickness, your planet would be sick and dead soon. If the Source within you would merge with economic decline, it would be over for you. In other words, there would be endedness, but that’s not ever going to happen.

~San Rafael, CA, 08.02.09

Extracted from Abraham-Hicks tape AB 4 ‘Law of Allowing’

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To Take Action or Not…Is That The Question?

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To take action or not is often the question and it can drive us crazy if we don’t know what to do.  The more we fuss over it the worse we feel. Uncertainty is disruptive and stressful too.
I wonder how often have you felt the conflict of feeling the truth of something or TRYING TO FEEL the TRUTH? Nina Ferrell posted this Abraham quote on Facebook and I about jumped out of my skin with the truth of it.  Worse case scenario I have always used the grandmothers rule of  “When in doubt – do nothing!”.  We have new guidance.
Abraham explains the difference here and it is as clear as a crystal bell.
Unless it’s exploding within you, it’s a phony step. It’s a fake step. It’s a trying-to-make-something-happen-with-action step. It’s a potentially debilitating step. It’s a wanna-blow-my-brains-out step. It’s a trying to do something before I’ve lined up the energy. So, what’s my work: to take no step until I can’t stand not to! [audience applause] … When you close the gap, what happens? An idea explodes within you. And when it does, do you say [weakly] Should I? or, Shouldn’t I? Or do you say, THERE IS NOBODY THAT’S GOING TO KEEP ME FROM DOING THIS.

– Abraham-Hicks –

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Law of Attraction ~ Your Emotions

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Law of Attraction ~ Your Emotions ~~~
I would like to suggest that you ponder these statements as I AM. There is great wisdom and truth here as always from Abraham. This message is particularly potent and absolutely life changing for those who are ready ~ able ~ and willing~ to receive and allow.

One of the things I MOST APPRECIATE here is the UNADULTERATED PURE TRUTH that applies to ALL.

*Your emotions are your indicators of your summoning and allowing.

*Strong emotion on either end means you are summoning a lot of energy.

*Mild emotion in the middle means you are summoning less energy.

*The frustration/anger side means you ARE NOT allowing your energy to flow.

*Strong summoning of emotion on the frustration/anger side means you are creating a lot of what you DON’T want.

*Strong emotion on the elation side means you are actively creating what you DO want.

– Abraham-Hicks – 1998

Thank you James Brown!

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Georgina Beament – Sister of Light and Love

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The following is a note written by my dear beloved friend Georgina Beament – Sister of Light and Love – on Facebook. This is what I love to read. This is the message that makes my heart fill with courage, light and love. It fuels my mission, my purpose and my determination to be the light I came here to be now and for as long as I am here to serve and to assist in the opening of hearts to the truth of who and what we are. Read on my friends. Enjoy and be in-powered, as another dear friend of mine says.

I love you.

“Have you awoken to the truth of who you really are?

Tue at 2:07pm
Have you awoken to the truth of who you are? Where do you see yourself spiritually, and what souls do you have in your life that could be holding you back?

Our experiences on Planet Earth are important to our future, this is why I am writing this note to make you become aware of where you could be if you are willing to let go and grow into the love and light of your life…

I am here to raise the frequency on Planet Earth to the truth… what is your mission?

There is actually more love and light than darkness and sadness… the awakened souls are making sure of that.

There is lightness and darkness.
There is also truth and dishonesty.

Lightness = Truth = A good feeling
Darkness = Dishonesty = A not so good feeling

You should know which zone you are vibrating at all times from the feeling you are experiencing with your daily actions and experiences…

We actually need both of these two element to discover and learn about who we are and what we need to balance us. So if you are experiencing elements of darkness in your life, then always remember that light always follows in the dark moments that you are growing and learning from. Nothing is ever a waste, but nothing happens by chance. Everything happens because it has to for you to learn and grow from. These experiences are here to help you grow and awaken, so go with this process and there you shall see light. We as beings of love are always growing and learning, we will never stop growing/evolving, and shall have both of these elements to help us shift to be the best we can be. Darkness is here to help us just as much as lightness is here to embrace us. They need each other to find the balance.

There is a slight imbalance on Planet Earth that is becoming so much clearer to all those who have awoken, which is perfect for others who are less aware to see. The soul who have awoken know what is needed to do to shift massive soul groups worldwide to be in the same zone of love and truth. Let me explain what is happening why some are finding things easy where there are others in a mass finding life a real struggle?

We have been denied the truth of who we are and how powerful our human spirits are on Planet Earth. The natural spiritual awakening that is touching souls all around the world is massive, and as the awakening unfolds, US as spiritual beings and our amazing world is growing and evolving at a MASSIVE speed of light. It is very clear and apparent that there is a quickening in our daily life and our planet more now than ever before.

Here is an overview of where humans beings are…

The awakened souls

These beings see light, and are living and loving their daily life. They are on a different vibration to souls who are sleeping. They are peace and love makers. These souls are in a position of knowing what is needed for their higher self to grow from their daily affirming of consciously being aware of how they are directing and creating their own life. They are teaching others to be the best they can be by working on themselves daily spiritually. They are leaders and are aware of the mission they have chosen to do. They don’t ask questions or ask why the mission they are on has been given. They just know the importance of their energy, what is required to help shift others and help evolve our Planet before 2012. They also are aware how controlled society and our world is by the governments and politicians.

These soul are very aware that swine flu and other man made epidemics/viruses are here to slow down the growth and awareness to who we are. These viruses have been planted to try and slow down the spiritual awakening that is taking place on Earth by creating more fear. Awakened souls don’t come with fear… they are fully aware of how we are suppressed, and how they as being of love are transcending this situations in moving forward with the unconditional love they have to share with all they touch who are ready and are awakening. They are surrounded by other beings who feel and see the same as them. Love is all they see and want to experience.

The awakening souls

These souls are seeing or if not feeling something is happening. Connecting with spiritual life coaches, and the need of wanting to be with others who feel the same. They are feeling the need and a pull from within to change/shift and starting to see all the awakening signs. These souls are paying more attention to their daily experiences and actions. They are seeing reoccurring patterns that no longer serve them, and generally feeling their own powers and that there is more to life to be discovered. They are questioning situations and are seeing a divide in truth and dishonesty, especially in politics and the way the Matrix systems has been formed. They are really feeling what feels good and what doesn’t feel so good with their own personal experiences. These souls are sensing something isn’t right on Earth. They are having a feeling of wanting the change and no longer wanting to put up with anymore rubbish! Dramatic job/relationship life changing situations are also things that these souls are being faced with at present.

The un-awakened souls

These souls are experiencing a lot of discomfort and hurt. Pain, feeling stuck, living in a routine thinking that this is all there is to life. They are sucked into the false reality of TV, radio, adverts, labels and brands, alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, lack of self worth and the commercial false life. They are not learning their daily lessons and in stuck in a system of mind games which become very confusing. These souls are refusing to move in situations to grow, and are being faced with the same situations until they understand the lessons they are going through. They chase after life and what others have. They don’t see or feel that there is more to life than they are living now. They fear every situation. They come from a lot of anger, lack of self worth, very abusive to themselves and others who are around them. They are very controlling and can be hurtful. They use and abuse and very pessimistic that they can’t have the best let alone others having the best. Very narrow minded in almost every situation. These souls can also be very draining around as their energy is vibrating at a very low frequency. They are blood suckers and take a lot of energy from others souls. They can sometimes be very uncomfortable to be around. They are very judgemental, jealous and controlling natured.

The awakened souls are helping shift the consciousness around the world. They know that they are leading by example to what is needed to help other souls around the world in preparation on our Earth before 2012. The un-awakened souls are being shifted by the awakened souls and the awakening souls.

The light and love is working. It is shifting the darkness and revealing the truth to all that is and who we are.

Look within, feel within… it’s there you shall find all the answers in life. Light or dark, truth or dishonesty, everything we need to know is within each soul awake or not!

I would love to know how you feel about this note. I would love for you all to take onboard what you feel is good for you. Awoken, awaking or asleep, we are all as one and I believe that one day in the very near future, our world and the people within will experience more love and light than we can ever imagine. Life will be lived how we were born to live it. With no control, no restrictions, and heaven will be lived within everyones daily life and hearts.

From me to you… keep awake and working on love. Love is healing our world in the perfect order it was meant to.

Come and join me and others on 11:11 Awakening Code journey… the energy is great for all:

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I love you

Before you go my friends and readers, Georgina is on a mission and we are sisters in the light and you are called to join and bring your heart of love and light to shine as well in the plan to light up the universe with the glow from planet earth….YES! In our lifetime!!! Love, Alexandra

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