How To Travel Downstream With Abraham

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You have built in GPS!  Just follow the directions and for your ease there is a nudge you when ever you get off course.All you have to do is tune in.  Feel it?

“You gotta figure out how to quantify your journeys; you gotta figure out where what you want is downstream and you gotta figure out how to keep moving consistently in the direction of what you want. And we’re here to tell you that the way to quantify your journey is by using your guidance system which is in your belly, which is in your gut which says, if it feels a little better you’re moving in the direction of what you want; if it feels a little worse you’ve taken a detour in the opposite direction.”

– Abraham-Hicks –

If you make a point of seeking out ways to stay in touch with the Abraham guidance daily, you can only improve your ability to hone in on your preferences more and more often.  What I prefer or do not prefer becomes easier and easier to discern and it feels so good.  Feeling good is where it is at.  That is a very difficult thought to process for a lot of people.  Just this one day~ Downstream, chillin’, feeling good, no punishment, guilt or self abuse allowed. And treat others the same way.  One day at a time. Treat yourself with genuine love, caring, and appreciation for the magnificent Being that you are and it can’t help but radiate out to all around you.   Nice, eh?

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