Amazing Ascension Frequencies Video

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Amazing Ascension Frequencies? Wow.  Ascension.

Not a word one hears too often except in connection with a few great Masters whom we tend to elevate far above ourselves and yet each of those Masters have pointedly told us many times in their teachings,  gospels, and parables that “what I do you will do and even greater things will you do”.

Most people just don’t think about it or believe it.

For most, we have yet to even entertain the thought that Ascension is possible.  We cannot imagine living the life that would permit such a thing partly because we are not sure that having a joyful, fun, adventurous and successful life allows for such a thing as Ascension and who wouldn’t want that kind of life?

Also, people are not sure it is okay to try on the thought of ascension because we create such separation between ourselves and the Masters and God yet we say we are One and we say we believe that we are One with our Creator.  Interesting, isn’t it?   Maybe it is time for more of us to look that fear and that idea of separation squarely in the eye of the eye.  Who knows what we may find. Our own Divinity?  Maybe? Surely.

Think about this for a moment; maybe it is just a matter of raising our Vibration Intentionally by Choosing the Life of our Dreams and being the wonderful person we were born to be in the midst of joy~  success ~ love ~ prosperity ~ laughter ~ adventure ~ accomplishment~ abundance; AND ALL GUILT FREE!   We talk about it ….are we doing it?

Maybe making a conscious decision to go for it is the actual beginning as with anything else in life.  it is all vibration as are we. Pure Energy. Pure Love. Pure Intention.  Thought plus feeling equals results.

See how this makes you feel. I find it pretty interesting. After watching it several times over the last couple of weeks I am seeing and feeling things I did not experience in the initial viewings.  It may or may not be for you but it does tend to grow on one.  I would be glad to hear your comments.  🙂

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