Are You “Living Ecstasy”?

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Living Ecstasy is a book by Visionary and WarriorSage Founder, Satyen Raja.  I have yet to meet Satyen personally, though many people have and he is all over Facebook and YouTube. His seminars are legendary.

What I do know is the awe inspiring effect of his visionary book called Living Ecstasy.  I have been using this book as one of my key inspirational life guides for over a year now.  Last December I began a love affair with a book;  this book, Living Ecstasy.  I just picked it up again and after an intense year of focused personal growth I am even more deeply affected by the truth and love contained on the pages.  How can one keep a book like this from being a best seller on Oprah?  I don’t know. It should be.  Everyone needs to read this beautiful testimony to LIFE! Living Ecstasy is a book for Gods and Goddesses of Truth and Light and Love and Freedom and Joy. Nothing Less!

Living Ecstasy is filled with pages of the most beautiful descriptions of life and life enhancing attitudes that I have personally ever read by any author in the course of reading hundreds and hundreds of books in my life. I am an avid reader so I say this feeling that you will agree if you read this for yourself.

Here follows and example of Satyen’s beautiful prose.

Listen to a True story about Love

There are Love stories happening all around you. Some of the stories are a little longer, and some are a little shorter. Some have different twists and turns, but in the end there is only one story of Love. It is the story of Consciousness Loving Light, and of Light Loving Consciousness. It is Awareness infusing Light, , and it is the Light radiating Awareness. It is Love and Freedom showing up as different forms in play.


Sit in the Fire

As a Spiritual Warrior, in the name of Love, do what you need to do to bring Freedom and Light even if it is not what you want to do. That is the moment when you take a sip from the Well of Unreasonable Happiness. THis the moment of liberation from all that binds you. When you wink, you let go of your position and you enter Ecstasy.

I could go on and on. I could quote the entire book. Better for you to have it and hold it and love it and enjoy absorbing its beautiful words of Love and Life.

A bit more….

The Wink is the pulse of Life, the Wink is the substance of matter, of all organic creation, the Wink is the emptiness of the sea in which we abide.

Here’s Winking at You.

Living Ecstasy Book by Satyen Raja

You must choose Ecstasy again and again for as long as you are alive. Choose it and rest in that choice. Rest as Joy in all of the conditions that arise to make up your Life.

All quotes from Living Ecstasy by Satyen Raja.
Thank You Satyen.


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